I make pretty things.

Hello, I am Veronica, the face behind Bubulinas.Bubulinas was, in fact, an afterthought.
Before my granddaughter was born, I fulfilled the promise that I would make her first doll. In the process I reacquainted with my creative side and realized how passionate I am about making things.
While working on new dolls my mind was already curious about dream catchers -which I had seen at a flea market during a vacation abroad, and once again, I was pushing my creative boundaries, exploring new techniques and materials, new visual textures and unknowingly paving the road for jewelry.
The most important part of my creative process is selecting the color palette very carefully. My sources of inspiration are mostly the beach and its vibe, colorful cultures, bohemian summer, and of course, there's always music.
I am a self-taught artist always looking for new ways to express my creativity and nothing compares to the bliss of making things with your own hands.
I continue to design dolls, dream catchers, necklaces, earrings and bracelets -and yes, there is always room for something new.
I hope that, while visiting my shop, you will find something you’ll love as much as I loved making it.
Thank you.https://www.pinterest.com/bubulinasdolls

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